Divine Grace, which is Spirit’s givingness, is always percolating just under the surface. It invites you to give and forgive, even when part of you wants to withhold or hang on to hurt and resentment. Your rational mind doesn’t always know what to do with this. There’s no question that it’s important from a psychological point of view to develop healthy boundaries and not enable others, and to speak up when something isn’t okay. However, there is also a place of spiritual living that sees through the foibles of others to the truth of their essence. This is especially important during the holidays as we manage all our family obligations. Rather than falling into the same old arguments or relationship dynamics, we might simply allow Grace to bubble up and take over. A more compassionate, kinder way of engaging in the world emerges without effort or force. Allow Love to spring forth throughout this holiday season.

In its broadest sense love is the impartation of the self, the givingness of everything we are or hope to be or have, and giving it in joy and without reservation, in complete abandonment. Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Contemplation: With whom might you allow Divine grace to soften your relationship? How can you bring more love into it?

Affirmation: I see with the eyes of Love and open my heart to my family. Divine Grace flows through me in all our holiday gatherings.