What is the vibration of your life? How would you describe the overall quality of your life—adventurous, plodding, meaningful, dull, fulfilling, stagnant, full, or empty? How would you like it to be? When you describe the life of your dreams, not in terms of form, but with descriptions of feelings, you are describing the frequency or vibrational rate of your life. At what frequency does your vision vibrate?

A philosophy of life: I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure. Paulo Coelho

Now you must keep your eye and heart trained on your vision. Stay focused on the end result. Don’t become confused by the twists and turns of the path. Simply continue moving in the direction of your dreams. Eventually, you will get where you are going. The path really does lead toward complete alignment with your vision, where you regularly live at the level of the frequency of your dreams.

Spiritual Contemplation: Describe the feeling/tone/vibration or frequency of your vision. How close are you to living at that vibration on a regular basis?

Affirmation: I choose to live my vision. I don’t let anything get in my way! My life is lifted to a higher vibration.

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