Walking along a beautiful sandy beach on the North Sea I noticed that the sand was very similar to the beaches of Ocean City New Jersey.  As I sat and listened to the water  it occurred to me that waves just like this are hitting beaches all over the world, and that no matter what we may call that particular part of the ocean, it’s actually all part of the same immense body of water.  Through these oceans we are all connected.

I also realized that although the ocean may seem infinite,  it’s not.  Nothing on the planet is infinite.  Nothing that’s in physical form is actually infinite.  There is infinite Life and Infinite Energy, infinite Love and infinite possibilities but we can not keep using our resources as if they were infinite.

In meditation we can touch the infinite, experience the inner infinite of our spiritual being.   This is a powerful and positive thing to do.  It centers us and helps us know the truth of our being.  But it also occurred to me that sometimes we meditate or try to become more spiritual because we are trying to transcend, or escape, from our normal, ordinary lives.  It’s easy to keep looking for the spiritual high where we float in an ocean of oneness and bliss and return back to our spiritual source.  But Life, Spirit, already lives there.  It doesn’t actually need us to have that experience, it’s already being oneness and bliss.

What if we are the way Spirit, Life, is actually experiencing Itself?  Do the waves experience themselves, or are they just there being waves, crashing on the shore?  What if we are here to be the experience of Life?  Not to transcend Life or try to get above it, but to bring our whole selves to it. To truly and completely be present in the moment, to savor it, experience it.  To hear the sound and appreciate the beauty and see the presence of Life right here, right now?  Then our meditation is for the purpose of  clearing away the clutter and noise in our minds so that we can be more present as the place where Life is experiencing Itself. –  Rev Dr Petra Weldes