You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life. Les Brown

Spiritual living is based on your ability to experience the divine presence—not on your knowledge about it. You might be able to recite what John said about God being love, or what Moses taught about law, or even what the New Thought philosophy says about God being principle. You can quote these perspectives until you are blue in the face, but there’s a big difference between talking about God and experiencing God. All that God is, you are! You have got to let that out. To demonstrate abundance, you must allow it to move through you into the world.

Some people look to get their good from the outside, but don’t limit yourself by trying to do the same. That’s just an exercise in futility. Spirit is all the abundance you will ever need, and it’s already within. Open up and allow your gifts to come out from your buried brilliance within. You are not here in this world to get—you are here to contribute. When you realize the infinite abundance of your nature, you will move out of your limited perception of humanhood and into the awareness of your true spiritual identity. Your concerns will no longer be “Where is my good coming from” but rather “Where can I share my good next.”

Spiritual Contemplation: Do you feel that your abundant good lies outside you and is dependent on someone else opening the door for it to flow? How can you refocus your perception to recognize the divine qualities of your own being?

Affirmation: I let pour forth from me my gifts for the world!