For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Law of Motion

An elementary school playground game called handball teaches kids that the ball returns at the same speed with which it hit the wall. Whether it’s hit hard or soft or sliced close to the ground, the ball will return at same force with which it’s hit. The game of handball demonstrates the law in physics that says to every action there is an equal reaction.

This same law is valid for human interactions as well, for when you project anger to those around you, you’ll be met with anger in return. If you show generosity to the world, you’ll find the world is a very giving place. If what is emanating from your countenance is love, your life will be filled with caring, loving individuals. If you create drama in your life, then your life will give you stories to tell. There is no judgment here—just the inevitable outcome of your consciousness. Change the energy you send out to the cosmic wall, and that change will come back. Play with this dependable return, and practice until you have mastered this game in life.

Spiritual Contemplation: What’s coming into your life that you no longer want? Practice some new energetic send-outs and make the adjustment to your game in order to get the return you are looking for.

Affirmation: I am grateful for the dependability of life that returns what I send out!

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