Your self-awareness is your ability to observe your own life along with the inner workings of your psyche. It is your window into co-creation for it allows you to examine the relationship between your outer life and your inner state. It is not so important that you know “why” you believe what you do or think the way you do. It is much more important to know ‘what” you think and believe, and then to examine these for “truth” or “error.” Not right and wrong as the world might see it, but rather “Truth” as it aligns with Spiritual Reality or “error” as it relates to believing in the causality of the human condition. The more you “know yourself” the more you can see the difference between that which aligns you with Wholeness, Love, and Purpose, and that which contract, limits, or negates the beauty of Life as YOU. Know Thyself and this truth WILL set you free!