Accepting someone’s judgment and comparison can limit our abundance. I love having my house cleaned. My favorite day of the week is coming home to refreshing sheets and shiny floors. I’ve worked full-time my whole life and raised a child, so having someone else clean my house was a huge boon to my sanity and time management. The only problem was that my mother had opinions about it. Subtly, but clearly, she let me understand that she thought I should be taking care of all that myself; after all she did, and she had certainly taught me how.

It is certain that you cannot believe in abundance while identifying yourself with lack. Forget the lack and think only of abundance.  Ernest Holmes

As I began working with my abundance consciousness and looking for my lack-and-limiting thoughts, I noticed how uncomfortable my mother’s judgment made me. And I realized that for years, I’d used her level of abundance and prosperity as the ceiling for my own because I didn’t want her criticism. That way if I never had more than she did, we’d always be on equal footing, and she wouldn’t have something else to judge about me. WOW—what an eye-opening revelation that was!

I worked diligently on releasing any concern about her, or anyone’s, judgment or opinion of my prosperous and abundant life. Now when someone says to me, “You take more vacations than anyone I know,” I joyfully reply, “Yes, and isn’t it great!” I celebrated the day my mother told me, as she turned seventy, that she had finally hired someone to clean her house!

Spiritual Contemplation: Explore what ceiling you might have put on your abundance. Is it an old belief about wealthy people or spiritual people? Is it a subtle message from your family or friends?

Affirmation: Spirit’s abundance flows effortlessly through all of life. I release any concern about someone else’s judgment or opinion. I accept my abundance.