“You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” — The Bible (John 8:32)

There is scary information “out there” in the world, that I could perpetuate by mentioning it, here. The doomsday prophets are plentiful with their Armageddon statistics.  The sad part is this is their “true world” of fear, in which these individuals have chosen to live.  They’ll tell you, “It’s not a choice—it’s reality. Just look at the facts.”  Then, there are those who naturally see Good everywhere.  The world they have chosen to live in is filled with Light and Good, and they can’t be convinced otherwise.  It’s their reality, and they have the evidence to prove it.  Neither can understand the perception of the other.

The mystical aim is to behold Spirit in all things.  The mystic’s desire is to move into a higher state of consciousness at will, and not be caught in the gravitational pull of duality.  If Spirit is Infinite, then logically, there cannot be God and something else.  As you accept this spiritual status, you’ll be free of the torment of fear.  This means you’ll be dropping the negative perspectives you are holding onto, allowing the Infinite to guide your thoughts and life to a higher perception of Truth. If you don’t want to live by the collective beliefs of a fearful society (with its documented reasons to fear!), you must choose your alignment of thought – be governed by Truth or by fear.

Reflection:  Where are you being led by fear?  What would you imagine to be the Truth if you moved to a higher state of consciousness?

Affirmation:  My life is filled with abundant Good!