“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” — Jesus of Nazareth

How often do you strive to transcend your life and your problems into a spiritually enlightened state?  Yet the Master Teacher reminds us the Kingdom of Heaven is not some place or time.  It is “at hand”; it is “within.”

The whole point is to live the Kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth!  Not to seek to remove the human from the spiritual world, but to bring Spirit right here, to earth, to every human situation and experience.  You are in the “Kingdom of Heaven” when you know “the Christ Consciousness that You Are” and you let it take charge of your life.  This brings you into alignment with the forces of the Universe and bestows peace, joy, bliss, and contentment to your very being.  Isn’t that the definition of Heaven?

Reflection:  When do you try to “run away” to heaven and leave your earthly experience behind?  How can you bring Spirit into that situation?

Affirmation:  I reveal the Kingdom of heaven, right here and right now.  I am a bringer of Light and Love, Presence and Peace.  I bring Heaven to Earth!