The owls are gathering; find out why soon. J. K. Rowling

Your higher self is constantly communicating with you, but do you notice what it has to say? Often it may look like a sign from “beyond,” when what you are really witnessing is a reflection from your intuitive self. A cat crossing your path is just a cat crossing your path, but if something in you takes it with a significant impress then it’s yours to interpret however you wish. Often the interpretation is what your deeper yearning is for, but you haven’t yet consciously embraced. When you take a stroll with a friend who finds a feather on the path, which has great significance to her, you see it as just a feather. Neither is right or wrong. A sign is a sign only to the one who gets it.

As I sit writing in the predawn hours, my wakeup call is a screeching owl perched unapologetically outside my window. I find its presence quite unusual for my urban neighborhood. Although it’s just a bird in the fall hoping to attract a mate, an awakened imagination stirs inside of me saying that this is a messenger from one who flies between two realms, enticing me to get to the keyboard to catch what’s stirring in the universal subjective. Whether this is a bunch of hogwash or just good fodder for creation, it’s fun to think about the interplay of Spirit looking for an outlet.

Spiritual Contemplation: What signs have you received in your life that were so clear, you had no question as to the significance of what they meant in your world?

Affirmation: I am now hearing the communication from my higher self!