People only see what they are prepared to see. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Has a friend ever asked you to go into another room and get something like a book for them? You walk in there with the best intentions, but you don’t see it anywhere. You look on the coffee table, the shelves, and search from ceiling to floor only to return to your friend and say you couldn’t find it. Your friend sighs loudly, walks into the other room, points to the table and says, “It’s right here.” You swear you didn’t see it, but your friend easily found it because she knew exactly what she was looking for and believed it was there. It was there the whole time, of course, but you didn’t see it simply because you didn’t believe it was there.

Is your abundance here? You bet it is! It’s just a matter of believing it to see it. Your belief controls what you see. You are an ambassador of abundance ushering into form all that you believe is possible. You can choose to think in ways that help you spot and create abundant success instead of missing what’s right in front of you. You will find ways to take the necessary action to support that which you see as possible. The strugglers in the world believe life happens to them rather than realizing that they are the creators of their experience.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where do you believe life is happening to you and you don’t see other options? If you were to see other possibilities what would you like to see?

Affirmation: I am seeing as God sees!