Keep your head and heart going in the right direction, and you won’t have to worry about your feet. Unknown

Too often we polarize things because we are so much more comfortable with black and white than we are with shades of gray. We want to know the right answer, the best way, and what we are supposed to do. This attitude tends to create pendulum swings in our culture, teachings, and within our own selves. Yet the truth is usually that it’s “both/and.” Sometimes one side is “right” or needed, and sometimes the other. Most often what’s needed is a dynamic blending of both sides. In spiritual teachings the pendulum often swings between the head and the heart. Yet scientists now tell us that there are brain cells in the brain, heart, and stomach, and that they are all equally important in different ways.

Balancing the head and heart, Law and Love, invites us to step into the fullest expression and experience of Life. Do not be afraid to be all that you came here to be! Your mind is brilliant and your heart is deep. Allow all of Life to play through you like your breath plays through a flute, making beautiful music throughout your whole being.

Spiritual Contemplation: Do you have a tendency, between the head and the heart, to make one primary and the other wrong? What would it be like if they actually formed a single heart/mind unity?

Affirmation: I treasure my heart and my mind, for both operate from a consciousness of wholeness and the presence of the One.