Agape, a lovely Greek term used to describe the love that the Divine has for Its Creation, is often translated as spiritual or unconditional love.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  Matthew 7:7

Loving everyone unconditionally is a wonderful ideal. The only problem is whether we actually know what unconditional love really means. Too many of us had families in which only conditional love was present. How can we love unconditionally if we don’t have an experience of it in our own lives?

Spirit, the Divine Presence of Love, is truly the only unconditional Presence; everything in creation is a condition and therefore relative to everything else. Yet we all have an inner sense and desire to experience unconditional love. So there must be something within us that recognizes it and longs for it. This is an expression of our yearning for the Divine Presence. The longing for a love so palpable and complete that we never question its presence is what drives us to seek Spirit. The wonderful promise from all the saints and mystics of the ages is that when we seek, that which we are looking for immediately reveals Itself to us.

Spiritual Contemplation: Become aware of your yearning for Unconditional Love as a yearning for the Divine Presence. Be present to the revelation of this Presence as the answer to the very thing you are seeking. When and where do you experience it the most?

Affirmation: The Love I am seeking is seeking me. As I turn to the Divine Presence, it immediately shines its Love through me.