Intuition is the doorway to the Divine. It’s not just a hunch or a gut instinct: intuition is our inner knowing, our inner connection, with the very impulse of Life that is moving in, through, and as us. As we open our inner awareness to a greater reality, it is immediately present to us. We must become still and quiet within ourselves—and listen between the gap of the voices in our mind and the emotions in our body. There we find the Source, the ground of all being, the infinite Presence. It has been waiting there all along. You’ve always known it. Trust your intuition as it opens the door to a limitless reality.

God speaks when we listen. God is there when we open the door. And when we listen, there is a response from something greater than ourselves that is the infinite Person, the limitless Possibility. God speaks wherever and whenever we listen to our Inner Voice.  Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Contemplation: to open to your intuition simply sit and be aware of your inner awareness. Who is aware? What is this awareness aware of?

Affirmation: I open my inner awareness to the Presence of the One. I listen as It whispers to me of Divine Reality.