Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention.  Sharon Salzberg

An intention is like buying the ticket for the cruise. We’ve set our mind on something, and we allow that to move us toward it. Without a clear intention, we don’t know where we are going or what we want. I think of a powerful intention as an actual movement in consciousness that activates the Universal Laws in service to our intention.

It’s not enough just to think about something, however. You actually have to act on it for things to happen. Simply saying “Oh, I meant to do that” or “I think about being abundant” isn’t enough. Our intention must lodge so deeply in our consciousness that we begin to act and move from it. Otherwise, we are simply indulging in magical thinking. “If I think about abundance, somehow God will reward me with abundance.” Actually, Life is already all the abundance there is, right here and right now. Intending to behave, speak, and see abundance is a deliberate way of being and seeing that is not fooled by conditions, circumstances, false beliefs, or old feelings. The power of intention is that it moves and changes us. If it doesn’t, it’s merely magical thinking.

Spiritual Contemplation: How am I allowing my intentions to move me? How am I seeing, speaking, and behaving differently because of an intention I have set?

Affirmation: I set powerful intentions for my Abundance. I speak and act in alignment with my intentions.