There is a lot of sameness in our lives these days – the same four walls of our homes and the same urgency of managing our prosperity and the same uncertainty of when things will resolve into something more normal and the same people in boxes on zoom and the same screens as windows into the world.  All this sameness, whether it’s filled with innovation, rest, or anxiety, can become challenging, boring, and closed in. In all this sameness we are engaged in the ordinary moments of everyday life, just with fewer activities to distract us.

Let us, then, turn in to all these ordinary moments and invite Spirit to show Itself to us. Looking for the Presence and the way the Universe is showing up to support, empower, and lift us makes our lives glow with Light and inspires our spiritual awakening. In your gratitude journal this week, note all the times you saw, realized or felt the heart and hand of Love, Spirit, the Divine Intelligence, making itself known. Watch how your ordinary life becomes a veritable fountain of spiritual inspiration!