The universe is abundance, unlimited in every respect; if it were not unlimited it would have depleted itself long, long ago. Life would have exhausted itself, law would have ceased to function, love would have lost its power to harmonize and to heal, and thought and consciousness would have retreated to instinctive reaction. Ernest Holmes

One of my favorites places to camp is in La Push on the wild Washington State coast. The waves are enormous and bring huge logs from Japan or Alaska and wash them up on the beach as if they were mere twigs. When I hike out onto the rocky headlands, I can see the water stretch to the horizon where the blurring of sea and sky invites the idea of infinity. This is how I often imagine the Divine Reality—as a vast, infinite ocean upon which the waves of life play over the surface.

We live in this Ocean of Abundance, this Infinite Reality, which is the source of all Life and all Creation. What we see is but the tip of the iceberg. The rest lies below the surface of the world of appearances. Do not be fooled by the storms and waves of life. That which lies beneath is so much more—vast, rich, and deep. Know that you are forever lifted and supported by this Abundant Ocean. This is something you can count on!

Spiritual Contemplation: What does imagining the Divine Reality as a vast, infinite ocean teach you about the reality of life and its limitless abundance?

Affirmation: I live immersed in an infinite ocean of Life, Abundance, Love, and Joy!

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