The power of imagination makes us infinite. John Muir

I spent a summer cutting a path up the side of a mountain, clearing the brush, and lining the deer trail with rocks. Near the top is a lookout spot from which you can see three lakes side by side, the biggest one right in the center. On this lookout I placed a bench for the adventurous wanderer to both meditate from and enjoy the view. Made of aluminum it can weather the seasons for years to come, but what’s interesting is, I couldn’t help but wonder if someday its legs might collapse from the natural elements of oxidation when someone sits on it. Now isn’t that silly? Rather than considering all the incredible, insightful, meditative moments that bench is waiting to deliver, I’m polarized by my imagination fixating on a potential problem that may or may not materialize somewhere in the future.

Do you likewise rob yourself of the gifts of the universe by using your imagination to focus on potential problems? Do you see what might go wrong rather than enjoy the present good? Do you tell yourself it’s wise to be aware of all the issues that might plague the experience, which keeps your head in the negative potential rather than the abundant joy of now? Why waste your life in friction when you can live in joy? Choose to feel the joy and take that with you everywhere you go.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you using your imagination to focus on the negative and missing the joy of now?

Affirmation: I imagine how things work out for good. I live in the abundant joy of now!

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