We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.  Rumi

One of the big challenges on the path to spirituality is confronting an early religious upbringing that speaks of a God outside you who is waiting to do something for you only if you do the right thing. This serves only to anchor a belief in a mythological God. It’s hard to forsake the old ways of thinking that you are separate and apart from God. You’ll come to know your true nature, however, when you understand the infinite includes you. Because you are one with the all-knowing, your needs can be met before you even know of them if you can get your little-mindedness out of the way. You’ll be able to rest with no concern for tomorrow in the knowledge that SPirit is the very essence of your consciousness. There is not God and you—there is only Spirit appearing as you.

Spiritual Contemplation: What earlier religious beliefs do you hold that puts God outside of you?

Affirmation: I rest in knowing all my needs are provided for now!