It sounds corny, but I’ve promised my inner child that never again will I ever abandon myself for anything or anyone else. Wynonna Judd

Every one of us has an inner child who continues to play out the feelings, emotions, and behaviors of our childhood. She constantly tries to get from others what she didn’t get from her parents. Unfortunately she attracts people just like those from her past and tries to manage her adult life with the same strategies or emotions that she’s had since childhood. Yet decisions made from a child’s point of view with a child’s emotions are unlikely to operate successfully in an adult world. This inner child is not the child who will lead us into the Kingdom of Heaven. She is more likely to lead us into continually re-creating our childhood relationships and issues.

We can help prevent our inner child from running (ruining) our lives by giving her what she needs. This means we become the parent to ourselves. We give to her the love, approval, recognition, care, and support that we didn’t get as a child. In this way we show ourselves that we are, in fact, loveable, worthy, capable, and that we belong. This opens the door to our Higher Self, our spiritual essence. We begin to realize that the Divine Presence, in us, as us, is giving to us the very thing we are giving to our inner child. All the love, approval, acceptance, recognition and support are always, already there.

Spiritual Contemplation: How is your inner child running your life? What does she need from you? What do you need from yourself, as the Divine Presence in you? Spend some time giving it to yourself.

Affirmation: I love myself. I accept and approve of my Self—my inner child and all the ways I do my best. I recognize my unique beauty and I care about the things that are important to me!