Some businesses seem to think that have all the power and that it’s acceptable for us to guess our way through a voicemail labyrinth, only to get lost and have to call back and start the whole process over again. They might save money by denying us human contact, but we lose. We waste valuable time spending all those hours on hold. But don’t be a victim and give your power away to frustration. Find another provider instead of the corporation that strung you up in their bureaucratic business-centric web.

The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.  George Orwell

Spiritual principle doesn’t know large or small, so if you allow yourself to be mistreated by a computer system why do you think your responsiveness would be stronger in other matters of your world? How in the world can you power up your faith to reclaim your authority for your body if it’s not well, or your life if it’s out of order? All of life is a reflection of your consciousness, whether it’s mechanical or human. The question is how you handle what’s showing up for you. Does your response come from a victim mentality or from your unshakeable power? We are always at choice—we are never not at choice.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where in your world are you tired of “the system” abusing you because that’s just the way it is? What alternatives do you have to being taken advantage of?

Affirmation: I reclaim my power in all areas of my life!