A key component in the healing process is giving up the need to know why something happened to you even though your mind wants an explanation to figure out who or what to blame. The challenge here is that true healing is the realm of your heart and soul. A logical justification to totally enlighten the mind for the experience of victimhood is not possible when it takes spirit, not reason, to transform the deep wounds. Your healing does not depend on your finding and understanding the missing piece to your puzzle of pain. Hunting for a scapegoat will keep you engrossed in the past. Get over that neurotic search.

The doctor of the future will be oneself.  Albert Schweitzer

Keep your focus in the now so that grace can enter and transform. Your outside may not change but within is something that is always ready to lift you beyond the point of pain. There is no guarantee where you will arrive as you walk the path of your healing journey, but one thing is for sure, the crisis will change you. The challenge of healing will compel you to learn how to surrender and trust. You’ll be called by your heart to forgive, and forgiveness is a spiritual rather than logical decree. It may never satisfy the mind but in matters of healing it’s love that prevails, not rationale.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you struggling with understanding a point of pain in your life? What if you were willing to give up the mind’s involvement, the need to know why and how, or anything else your egoic self is demanding, and instead surrender to the loving intuitive direction of your heart?

Affirmation: I give up my need to know why and surrender to my wholeness now!