You are a creative being regardless of what anyone told you in elementary school. You are constantly creating your own life through the power of Universal Law. Your creative part in the process is to consciously use the Law. You provide direction, focus, intention, and expectancy – the Law does the rest. So your power is in your head/heart connection.

The head provides focus and the heart provides conviction. The head provides intention and the heart provides expectancy. The head can confuse its part of the process by trying to figure everything out. It can also get caught up in old ideas or beliefs that undermine your intention. The heart can confuse its part of the process through feelings of fear or waiting to feel convinced of the outcome.  Your job is to keep both head and heart on track and in alignment with each other.

When head and heart are working in tandem, as the wholeness that they actually are, your creativity is immense and your power to manifest unstoppable.