“There is a light at the center of everyone. This light is never obliterated, but it does seem that it is often obscured by various reasons. There is a light that permeates the world but we have not sensed it.  Unless we become the living embodiment of love and light, we shall have no justification in saying that God is love and light. Unless we use the freedom we have without abusing it, we shall have no justification in saying that we are master of our own soul, the creator of our own destiny and the arbiter of our own fate.”

“But if we can bind ourselves together reverently, in love and compassion, in mutual tolerance and understanding, under the cohesive powers of the universal law of good and the beneficence of a divine and universal presence, then shall we be able to use the liberty without license, to diffuse unity separating it from uniformity, and we shall lead the world down the pathway of a new enlightenment.”

Ernest Holmes