So here I am having fallen into a rhythm that works for writing on my sabbatical and, of course, what happens next? A disruption. I had agreed to teach The Art of Spiritual Leadership for the San Diego Campus of our ministerial training this summer, and we had agreed that I would provide the first class through zoom from Europe.  Sure, no problem! So the Friday evening and all Saturday class was this past weekend.  Expect that for me it was from 3 AM to 6 AM Saturday morning, and then again from 6 PM to 2 AM Saturday evening! What was I thinking? Whew, well let me tell you, I haven’t been up all night in a very long time! And required to work!

Whether a disruption in our flow is planned or not, it still breaks the rhythm of our days. and I notice that I  can easily get into resistance or complaint about how my life is being impacted.  But when I resist or complain I just hold on to the disruption way longer than necessary, and it makes the whole thing worse, for me and for others. What’s called for when disruption comes along, which it inevitably will, is a willingness to go with the flow and to make the best of it. When I can go with the flow  I move through it more easily, more quickly, and return to my rhythm without carrying resentment or baggage. This is always the option, right? Complain and resist, or make the best of it by being present to and enjoying the moment.

So I sat out on the huge balcony I have at times I wouldn’t normally be up and was amazed that I saw both Mars and Jupiter. I enjoyed the quiet of the night and focused on relaxing during the day. On Sunday, after sleeping in, I gave myself permission to lounge and do nothing all day. I wanted to get right back to work, but my body was too tired so rather than forcing it, I went with the flow.

I’m still out of step with my sleeping, but when I woke up at noon today, I was ready to get back to writing. In the past, I would have resisted the disruption and then pushed harder to get back on track, which, I know from experience, would have increased the length of time it takes me to get back in sync with myself and my plans.  “Pain (I’d add change or disruption) is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

How often do you feel derailed, disrupted, or pulled off your plan on the way to whatever it is you are doing or creating? This is really no different than when we sit in meditation and our thoughts disrupt and derail our spiritual awareness. The discipline is the same – don’t resist, be present, enjoy the moment, and then let it pass,  What a paradox!  The more we can be in the flow of the disruption, the more quickly we can get back to into the rhythm of our intention.