What is Sangha?

The term sangha comes from the Buddhist notion of a “spiritual community in practice together.”

At CSLDallas, it is used to describe an intimate group focused on the collective spiritual practice of prayer (affirmative prayer/spiritual mind treatment) and support. In a sangha, we minister to each other!

How does the term “sangha” apply to a small group?

A sangha provides the synergy of group prayer in a sacred container – one that is created, deepened, and richly experienced, together, over time. The discipline of regular communal practice strengthens and evolves our spiritual growth and understanding while increasing our connection with Spirit and each other. Your Sangha becomes the community to which you turn in times of need or celebration for prayer, affirmative support, and powerful demonstration.

A sangha group provides that place where we feel safe enough to share, and we do so deeply and honestly. This kind of community is one in which we feel empowered to be who we are and explore who we are becoming while getting support along the way. It is a community in which we know that the Truth of ourselves and others is greater than our history and habits. In a sangha, we see and know the God in each of us.

To find out more or to sign up for a Sangha, please contact Rev. Patti Generes at

Download the CSLDallas Sangha Booklet 2015