We are each that incarnation of a divinity, and against each presses the insistent urge that will not let anyone alone because it is there: life and more life. Ernest Holmes

You are an incarnation of Divine Reality, a place where Consciousness reveals itself. You are a radiant being of light and Love. This is the absolute truth—and the only unchanging truth—about you. The Universe is infinite with an infinite number of ways that Love and Light can incarnate. You are one of those ways. You are absolutely necessary for the Universe to fully come into being and express itself. If you didn’t exist, the Universe would have “infinity minus one” way of expressing and becoming more of Itself. That’s how much you matter!

This is the inner urge that presses on each of us to live our lives fully. Whenever we feel depressed, anxious, and unable to go on—or when we want to hurt others or ourselves—this urge cannot be fully expressed. So it turns in on itself within us. We must begin to see and realize how important we are to Life itself. The way we show up, no matter what anyone else thinks, matters to the Whole to the Radiant One Life.

Spiritual Contemplation: Are you grateful to be alive? How do you express your life urge?

Affirmation: I matter! I am a part of the Whole Universe! I am grateful to be alive and to express my unique self!