It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Eleanor Roosevelt

When you feel trapped, whether in a relationship with another person or in a situation with your employer, you feel dependent on all the outside energies for your well-being. If you’re stuck in a cubicle farm at work, it can be a struggle to maintain optimism when you hear others cursing at their computer screens all day. Being reliant on your income will put you in a stuck position if you can’t communicate from your place of self-worth. Chances are, you tolerate behavior that you would otherwise reject because the mortgage and car payment don’t care how stuck you feel. The way you bring the light to darkness that is seemingly out of your control is through choice. Choosing to move outside of your own personal power and surrender your self-pity to become a conduit for the power that is greater than your own is the means by which you will be freed.

When you choose to be a generator of radiating light, luminescence washes over the dissonance. The emanation of all power is then held until your body vibrates in perfect harmony and accord. No possible harm can come to you while you are in harmony with that God vibration. This isn’t a special privilege for just a few—it’s for all. Anyone who is intentionally being nasty is eliminated from your world by the wave of light. When the infinite in you comes forth, there is nothing that’s contrary to it. No inharmonious vibration can enter this sphere. Dissonant energy merely falls away.

Spiritual Contemplations: When are you unable to turn off negative energy around you? Practice turning on the Divine generator, that which channels an infinite source of vibrational abundance, and is greater than your own personal source of light. Vaporize the nastiness and move into your vibration of harmony.

Affirmation: I am a generator of harmony in every situation!