We can make bigger buckets.  We cannot make a bigger law. The Law knows nothing about big and little. It knows to do. Since there is such a Law and we are always using It, we are all receiving from Life an objective equivalent of our inward mental attitudes. If we wish more we must increase our expectancy, we must identify ourselves with more.   Ernest Holmes

When you imagine going to a well, you think of taking a dipper or a bucket or even a trough to get water for yourself or your animals. The size of the receptacle determines the amount of water, and how much thirst of either people or animals, that you can quench.

Life is no different. An infinite Well of Life, of Abundance, Joy, Love, and Peace is the source of all that nourishes and sustains us. The amount we receive from that infinite Well is based on the size of our minds and hearts and consciousness, for they are the receptacles we take to it. The more open and receptive they are, the more good we can receive—a closed mind and a small heart can draw little. Living waters are available to quench every thirst you have, so bring the largest receptacle that you can imagine and let Life fill you up.

Spiritual Contemplation: If you imagined the current receiving size of your consciousness, what shape and size would it be? In other words, how big is your bucket? Now, can you imagine it being bigger? How big can you really imagine it being?

Affirmation: I go to the well with an open mind and a receiving heart. I draw forth the living waters that nourish and sustain me always.