Every head has its own headache.  Arab Proverb

Searching for the perfect flight on an online discount travel portal can be an unparalleled convenience or a mind-boggling frustration. It’s beautiful when it all comes together—and a complete aggravation when you’re left choosing between red-eyes or crack of dawn flights with multiple stops including one in the opposite direction of where you are headed. In addition, your travel time has been extended to a ridiculous number of hours at an exorbitant price for your non-convenience. You can rant, rave, and complain, to non-empathic agents at the airline counter, or whine to your friends. You might consider taking a car, boat, a private jet, or maybe even a camel, but at some point, you need to decide if it’s a go or no go. Your options may not be optimal, but it’s what’s being offered at that time and a choice must be made.

If instead you choose to perceive the Divine in this situation, you’ll find a miracle unfolding before you. The airline may not open a new route at the time you desire, but you might develop an appreciative attitude for not having to walk or take a horse if you attain a Spiritual realization around your airline experience. This awareness doesn’t have to be sought; it merely has to be recognized where you are. Its Omni-calming Presence is ever available and includes online or at the counter service.

Spiritual Contemplation: Listen for Spirit in the most challenging spots in your Life.

Affirmation: Wherever I am, Spirit is present!