Instead of lamenting your fate, create your world. Vilayat Inayat Khan

Do you spend your time fishing for anchovies while at the same time the hundred-pound tuna are running? What do you miss out on because you’re too busy thinking small? Isn’t it time for you to proclaim that you’re worth more than you’re getting compensated for? Aside from the wasted energy on small rewards, in the end small goals are harder to land than the bigger ones anyway. Small clients bring their small-mindedness to the table and attempt to impose their limitations on you. Abundance doesn’t show up by your being exhausted and overworked. No sir, it arrives when you’re in your power and expanding.

Take a look at where you are losing interest but are plugging on anyhow. Progression is a way your soul emerges in this world. If you keep tolerating what has become old and bothersome, your soul will catch your attention with a dynamic that may or may not be fun—but it will definitely get your attention. You might as well remain in the captain’s seat and go big with your creativity rather than have wild, unpredictable currents toss you around and strand you who knows where. What excites you about the potential for your world? What small fish do you need to throw back in order to land some of the big expressions of God!

Spiritual Contemplation: What are you doing just for money that is no longer soul-satisfying? Where are you being called to go big in life, but instead you’re listening to all the limiting thoughts as to why you shouldn’t? What activities keep you too occupied and tired to be available for the greater abundance of your life?

Affirmation: I am courageously aligning the progression of my soul’s emergence.