“By fighting for the impossible, one begins to make it possible.” — Oscar Arias

For the mystic, it’s about the constant conscious contact with the Infinite. When a less than pleasant dynamic arises in life, can you remember to touch the Infinite and trust this union will provide all that is necessary?

It’s easy to get caught up thinking, “I know what’s best here and how everything is supposed to turn out” … then outlining the orders to the universe as to how to fix things. A healthier approach is to courageously pause and turn within and listen for a higher guidance to show a way beyond the present engaged human perspective.

Allow your perspective and proclamations to come from an expanded vista and your resolutions from revelations.

Reflection:  Where in my life would it be good to pause and listen for a higher perspective in a difficult situation?

Affirmation:  I am a positive contributor to life!