Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.   Albert Einstein

Remember the game where all the children skip around in a circle singing “Hi-Ho the Derry-O”? In the center is the kid called the “farmer,” who then picks his mate, who picks a child, who picks a dog, who picks a cat, and so on. The group in the center grows until only one kid remains on the outside—and “the cheese stands alone.” I couldn’t wait to outgrow that demoralizing game and the “pick me” mentality. But then came picking teams in gym class, and even more intense, then came dating, which put it on a whole new level of “pick me, pick me.”

It can take years before you realize that you don’t have to wait to be picked—that you are actually already “it,” and you get to do the choosing. You can now move beyond wanting to be acceptable to knowing you are acceptable now just as you are. You aren’t the cheese standing alone, and you no longer need to grumble about the other kids who are always “it” and get to select the best—because your abundant Good is always available to you too. Do you get it? All you need do is decide to tap into what’s in your heart, and it will enter your world. Stop waiting to be chosen and know you’ve already been chosen. The next move is yours. Hi-Ho the Derry-O . . . you’ll never stand alone.

Spiritual contemplation: Where in your life are you waiting for someone to choose you, or some situation to grace you with its benevolence rather than being the creator of your reality?

Affirmation: My life responds to my choices!