Love is the self-givingness of Spirit into creation.  Ernest Holmes

There’s nothing more lovely than the first blush of love. The glow we feel and the beauty we see make everything in our lives feel like more than it was before. We want to be with our beloved, we love everything about them, and we agree with everything they say! What is this feeling but a profound sense of connection and oneness? We feel safe enough to open our hearts and connected enough to go beyond our usual limitations. It’s delicious, and we long for it to last a lifetime.

This love is a human expression of the profound Love that is the Divine Presence. Every time we allow ourselves to fall deeply in love, whether romantically, or with a friend or a child, we are falling in love with the Divine. This sense of connection and oneness is the truth of our soul’s being. Spirit has given Itself, all It is and all It has, into us. We are ONE with Spirit. We are reminded that we can see with the eyes of Love, sing with the heart of Love, and glow with the Presence of Love every moment of every day. Spirit, as Love, is always already there.

Spiritual Contemplation: Imagine snuggling up in front of the fire with the Beloved. Imagine that Spirit’s Love is so present that you are always connected as one. Imagine falling in love with the Divine.

Affirmation: I am falling in love with the Divine. I feel connected and one with all Life. Everything is precious and beautiful.