“Life is fundamentally a matter of growing, a growth experience.  Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target.  Failure is a vital part of achieving success.  We have erroneously thought of success as “getting there,” while actually success is “earning the right to be there.”  And earning means learning.  Setbacks, even failures, may be an important part of that learning.

 “A helpful affirmation is:  I am God’s living enterprise, and God cannot fail.  There can be no failure in God.  Any appearance of failure is in consciousness, a frustration of the creative potential.  No matter what your job or your chosen career, your true business is the “express business,” the business of releasing your imprisoned splendor.  Infinite Mind will always regulate your affairs so that you have an adequate job in which to “sing your song” or express your potential.  If the job becomes inadequate, if you keep yourself in tune with the creative flow, either the job will change or you will be moved to another job.  Nothing can impede the flow of affluence and success to one who keeps one’s self in tune.”

Excerpts from “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth