Sharks carry an aura of fear in our psyche, yet divers have discovered that sharks like to be petted like dogs. You are also more likely to be killed or attacked by a vending machine (21 a year) than you are to be bitten by a shark (11 a year in the whole world).

Fear is there for a reason. Its job s to assess danger so that we don’t miss the tiger crouching in the bush or the tornado sweeping our direction. But most of our fears are not actually brought about by real, physical dangers.  We may fear dying of embarrassment, or that we won’t survive a failure, or that we can’t handle someone else’s anger or our own grief but this is actually not true. Only a small amount of the things we fear is actually there to harm us.  The rest is a story we project onto the world around us.  Today, face your fear and pat it on the nose like a puppy dog or a playful shark! You will be amazed at how much stronger and more confident you feel!