Abundance does not come from working ”hard.“ It comes from learning to enjoy the effort of our tasks.  Otter on a Rock

Native American traditions teach that wealth is a state of mind no matter what your material status. It’s primarily a state of fulfillment, having enough to be and do what makes our heart sing. Our engagement in life, in our own lives, creates the feeling of wealth. When you enjoy what you have and what you are doing, you are rich beyond measure.

How often are we engaged in things because we think we should be, or need to, at work or in our families? We compromise our integrity, our health, or our true desire, because we think that’s what it takes to succeed, get to the top, or have the wealthy lifestyle we are sold on TV. But this kind of stress burns people out, causes damage to our health, and cynicism or resignation in our hearts. With that going on, it just doesn’t matter how much stuff we own or how many titles and promotions we get.

This idea is captured beautifully in the age-old adage—“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”—and how you are living/walking it. All you have in life is how you spend your time. Does the way you spend your time make you feel like you are fulfilled and wealthy—or stressed and depleted?

Spiritual Contemplation: When you no longer enjoy the tasks before you, should you press on? Do you secretly believe that all your suffering will deserve a reward?

Affirmation: I live my life to the fullest. I enjoy the journey of my life. I enjoy everything I have and do.