00:00 In the Silence – Lainey Bernstein
03:43 In This Very Room – Carol Merlo
09:10 Everything is Holy Now – Andrew Tinker
13:49 Welcome – Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes
17:38 Amazing Grace – Dina Ridenour & Chuck Roundtree
22:10 Talk – Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes
29:24 The Two Are One – Lainey Bernstein & Andrew Tinker
33:46 Talk – Rev. Karen Fry
42:56 Wholly Holly Way – Dina Ridenour
45:32 The Divine in Me Sees the Divine in You
49:20 God Is So Good – Andrew Tinker
51:47 The Easter Bunny!
54:18 I Release and I Let Go
Celebrate the Human and Divine as One through the Hindu teachings of Krishna and the Christian teachings of Jesus. A new idea about the Divine and a new idea about being Human radically alters the way we see the world and the way we walk around in it. This Easter Service focuses on the powerful teachings that resurrect us out of the tomb of limitation, in to the glory of Divine Life. Powerful ritual and music help deepening Dr Petra and Rev Karen’s sharing.