Eostre, the Saxon goddess for whom Easter was named, later became Ostara who was known as a fertility goddess with a passion for new life. It is said that her presence was felt in the flowering of plants and birth of babies. Her magical companion, the rabbit, a well-recognized rapid reproducer of life, joined her in bringing new life to dying plants while offering eggs which are obvious symbols of fertility. All the symbols used in spring festivals in the past express gratitude for the gift of life and abundance.

The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.  Deepak Chopra

Earlier celebrations were about happiness and life, so how did what we recognize as Easter today change to the consecration of suffering and death? Early observances were about the birth day and preparing for life, not about execution and the alleged afterlife. These festivals don’t require a belief in an event that may or may not have happened, but something that is happening in your life now. Let the holiday lift you in the joyous awakening of new life and its triumphant return over slumbering nature.

Spiritual Contemplation: What’s been slumbering that you feel awakening in your soul? What is it that wants to hatch into a new expression this spring as part of your life expression? Give it some space and a celebration because you’ve been chosen this spring to midwife it into expression.

Affirmation: I align with the awakening life of nature in me as I celebrate rebirth on Easter!