Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.  George Washington Carver

Have you become so masterful at excuses that you actually believe them? Do you tell yourself that it’s the other person’s fault? Does the voice inside your head ask, How could they have done this to me? Is your excuse loop telling you it’s the government’s fault, and do you try to place blame by asking why your body is failing you? Whatever your excuses, are they so good that you’re convinced they are the truth? When you battle something, it lives on in your energy. Metaphysicians, however, disengage their attachment to duality and become a transparency for the Divine to flow through.

The consciousness that is without excuses is a Divine Consciousness and a spiritual power that can move mountains to bring heaven to earth. Spirit is Infinite and doesn’t know large or small because It is all. It doesn’t matter whether It’s addressing a common cold or the fourth stage of cancer, Spirit can transform it all back into wholeness. The abundance of Life is not concerned, whether it’s your personal bills or the national debt. Spirit doesn’t know size—It responds only to totality of consciousness.

Spiritual Contemplation: What are your favorite excuses? What “truth” do you believe in that doesn’t support your life? What kind of shift must you make in consciousness in order to be a clear place for the abundant good to flow in a greater way in your life?

Affirmation: I drop my excuses and embrace my greater good now!