“Here we may meet difficulties, uncertainties and doubts, barriers walling our passage. But we must not be discouraged when so confronted. We must climb over the rocks of unbelief, pass around the barriers of doubt and plunge into the stream with faith. The stream will ever widen; the barriers will gradually disappear; though we walk through the plains and valleys of indecision and doubt, the stream will still carry us back to the ocean of our being.” — Ernest Holmes

How many times have you been confronted by doubt? Each time you set out to grow, deepen or leap across into a new possibility, and something inside you wonders if its real or true or even possible, you have the opportunity to root out your own unbelief, face your doubt, and reveal a deeper faith..

When doubt creeps in, reach out for help. When your belief is faint, find someone whose belief is strong. When you forget Truth, seek out spiritual reminders. When you do not know what else to do, remember to pray, and have others pray with you. Yeah, though you walk through the very Valley of Shadow, do not let your fear run away with you. You do not walk alone.

Contemplate: When was the last time you reached out for help, support and prayer? Are you comfortable and willing to ask for help?

Affirmation: I courageously face my doubt with the conviction of my faith. I rely on the faith of those around me until my own faith is strong.