Ask and it shall be given, seek and it shall be found, knock and it shall be opened.  Matthew 7:7

Imagine that upon leaving this world you are brought to a divine storehouse whose halls are lined with endless doors decorated with nameplates. You come to one that has your name brazened across it as if you were a rock star, and although your host encourages you not to look inside, you are insistent. So the door is unlocked, and you are greeted by ceiling-high shelves of unopened, dust-covered, and dated boxes.

Excitedly you tear the lid off one dated from just last week to discover it’s a blessing that you never claimed. From the previous year is that huge break at work that you never asked for. From your youth is the blessing of the ideal person just waiting to share the gifts she has to deliver to your life, but you never asked her out. From childhood is the dream you never dared to dream because it seemed too big and held too much potential for disappointment. Here they sit unopened, box after box from your lifetime filled with blessings you never prayed for, for fear they were too good to be true for you. All this abundance belongs to you but was never delivered, because you failed to ask.

Spiritual Contemplation: When in your life have you not embraced the blessings that were being offered to you—good ideas, prospering good fortune, or the ideal individual who would have enriched your journey? Accept Life’s blessing now—don’t hesitate to open your gift of good that is already waiting for you.

Affirmation: I always remember to embrace my gifts of Spirit!