“It is what it is, it is what you make it.” James Durbin

Never be afraid to look at what is happening. Pretending it’s not happening doesn’t make it disappear, that’s simply called denial. For example, not balancing your check book so you don’t have to see whether you have the money you want, doesn’t change the facts about how much money is in your checking account. IT simply keeps you from being able to respond to your money in appropriate ways and may cause you to spend money you don’t even have. Now your denial has created an even bigger problem.

What you must do is to learn to do, become willing to do, is to look at whatever is going on clearly and without reactionary emotions. That means to look, simply look without judgment or criticism, without feeling like a victim or seeking blame. Simply seeing that what is, that is what is.  By simply looking at things as they are, you have a much better chance of doing something about it.

You can start creating the life you choose because you will not have given your power away to the situation, and you won’t have created additional issues.. Now you have the power within yourself to choose how you would like it to be instead, and to start moving in that direction.

Reflection: What am I afraid to look at in my life. What am I unwilling to see. What would happen if I did look at it, clear eyed and without reaction?

Affirmation: I see clearly what is, knowing that it doesn’t describe what will be. I take what it as my starting point, and build what I want from there.