If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. Orson Welles

Tired of playing it safe? Here’s an inside tip: Everything you do will give you valuable insight to activate the personal power within you. Honoring the creative urge will open you to so much more than staying closed for protection. If you want to be creative, you’ve got be willing to explore beyond where you’ve been. Experiencing what you’ve got and how it plays out in the world is the best teacher you will ever have. You might flub up and fall down but you’ll get up, dust off, and learn how to take off for the sky.

Having it all right before it’s all right will just keep you grounded. You’ll find reasons for not wanting to proceed, but you’ll transcend them only when you’re in the sky and not on the ground. Every time you allow the creative urge to emerge, it will take you where you need to go. You have to launch from where you are rather than from where you wish you were because you’re not there yet—but that’s where you’re headed. Can you surrender what you hold to be true and choose a newer truth that will set you soaring? The question comes down to whether you’re willing to stop playing it safe and instead bring forth your creative urge without self-judgment.

Spiritual Contemplation: How do you need to have it all perfect before you proceed? What action can you launch now that might move you in a direction that honors your creative urge to express?

Affirmation: I trust life enough to proceed before I know the outcome!

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