When we let the love that is within us go out to the God who is in all people and the Divine Presence that is in all things, then we are loving God with all our heart and with all our soul and mind because we are recognizing that the Spirit within us is the same Spirit that we meet in others. This is loving our neighbors as ourselves. Ernest Holmes

Being love is the most powerful way to change your vibrational rate. Love is the highest frequency there is, and when you bring it into your heart or into any situation you immediately begin to raise the consciousness around whatever is going on.

Imagine that you are the conduit for the love of the Divine to be shared in the world. Are you acting as if that is true? Is there any place or situation, or with any person, where the conduit seems blocked or closed? Practice being the love in your mind, in that situation, with that person. Now you are an intentional conduit of Divine Love, and you are raising the vibration around whatever you focus on.

Spiritual Contemplation: Are you Being Love when it comes to your finances and money? At work or on the job? Paying your bills? Making your tithe? With everything having to do with your abundance?

Affirmation: I bring love, I am Love, as I engage with everything having to do with my abundance and Prosperity.

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