Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson

One day an old woodworker went to his garage to find his favorite chisel. After some time of being unable to find it, he began to suspect that his neighbor’s kid had swiped it. After all, he was always hanging around and interested in his carvings. After more thought he became certain it was the kid, especially since the kid acted increasingly more uneasy and nervous around the old man. One day, however, the woodworker discovered that the chisel set had somehow been knocked over and had been behind the shop table the whole time. The magical part of this story is that the kid no longer seemed nervous and uneasy after the woodworker realized that his suspicions were unfounded.

Your mind is a powerful filter and all you perceive must go through the filters of your consciousness. Your attitudes and assumptions about the ones you are with are felt long before you open your mouth. Your true attitude about God is reflected beyond what words you prophesize. It is your desire for something more that creates a sense of separation or leads to the thought that you can be satisfied with something other than the divine. Let your only desire be to know God, particularly in situations that are pulling you to less than divine filters of seeing life.

Spiritual Contemplation: How in the past have you allowed your judgments to get in the way of the truth? How did it feel when the truth was revealed to be contrary to what you believed? Where are you now allowing life’s situations to pull you from seeing through Divine Filters?

Affirmation: I am seeing through Divine Filters!