The demand for diversity and inclusion isn’t just politically correct, it’s the manifestation of spiritual truth! How can we consider ourselves a part of one human family if we can’t embrace the cultural diversity of our brothers and sisters around the planet? How can something fresh ever get in if we stay closed to new experiences? Being open to include others’ expressions is part of the expanding spiritual journey of Oneness. When the question of diversity and inclusion stirs in your awareness, it’s a Divine invitation to consciously draw the circle of love and inclusivity wider. Put your hands together over your heart and then open your arms. Feel your heart widen, your mind open, your soul-expanding energetic circle widening—and welcome newness.

Spirit has placed the Stamp of individuality upon Itself and called it you. Ernest Holmes

Loving unconditionally means valuing diversity and inclusion. Are we able to put aside the bias of the world we grew up in and get to know people of a different social identity from our own before we make up our mind about who they are? We all have biases, and our behavior out-pictures those beliefs whether they’re subtle or not so subtle. We must be careful not to get caught in creating an otherness, for we all belong to one human family and we all bring a unique piece to the Divine tapestry of humanity.

Spiritual Contemplation: What privilege or bias did you grow up with that is still in your subjective? Anything that just came to mind is still there. Is it possible that what you call your intuition is actually a hidden belief still influencing you? What reasons keep you from getting to know someone whose orientation toward life is different from your own?

Affirmation: I see God’s expression in all people!

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