You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain

How are you are staying focused and on purpose? In some cultures, an elephant walking through open marketplaces is as normal as a curious dog. The only problem is his exploratory trunk that reaps mayhem, knocking over whatever it smacks on its way to pilfer a few pieces of fruit. Knowing that an elephant’s trunk is naturally restless and undisciplined, a wise owner has learned to give his pet a few pieces of bamboo to grasp in his trunk to settle him with purpose and bring focus. No longer distracted by bananas and goodies, the elephant is now able to walk through the bazaar like royalty. In much the same way, circus elephants normally swing their trunks from side to side and would create a path of havoc when they parade through town. But instead, they have been trained to hold one another’s tails, which keeps them occupied.

Your mind without discipline or focus is similar to the curious, snooping elephant trunk swinging all over the marketplace looking for something sweet. There are many intriguing distractions that can and will easily sidetrack you because your mind is inquisitive and can find all sorts of interesting tangents to get lost in. Use your affirmations to reduce distraction from all the interesting expressions calling for your attention in the marketplace of life. Like the elephant’s bamboo, your affirmations will keep you calm and centered rather than scattered all over the place.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are your thoughts getting distracted by energetically depleting concerns? Create a short positive affirmation that focuses your awareness, allowing you to walk like royalty through the bizarre offerings life has to show you.

Affirmation: I walk with focus through the bizarre offerings of life.

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