Rejoicing in the good fortune of others is a practice that can help us when we feel emotionally shut down and unable to connect with others. Rejoicing generates good will. Pema Chödrön

Masterful Manifesters appreciate the successful creations of others, whereas some people who struggle tend to be sarcastic, and put down or demean other people’s accomplishments. They also tend to be fans of trashy talk shows, gossip, and buyers of sensationalist headlines at checkout stands. But resenting another’s success will only keep your good from showing up for you. If you find negativity creeping into your mind, immediately defuse and deactivate it. Resentment is a powerful way to keep your abundance at arm’s length. Why would good want to show up to an unappreciative, unwelcoming place? Let yourself cheer the accomplishments you see happening in the world.

Appreciation is a prayer of acknowledgment and has nothing to do with getting Life to do something for you. It’s an awareness of the abundant Universe you live in. Someone else’s good doesn’t diminish yours—it’s not like a pie where less is available when one slice is gone. It’s more like lighting a candle with an existing flame and having greater light without depleting the originating source. Recognition of good expressing has nothing to do with influencing God to do something. Gratitude for life blessing others brings you into alignment with being a channel and recipient of graceful abundance.

Spiritual Contemplation: Notice when a tinge of resentment creeps into your awareness in judging someone else’s success. Immediately observe yourself with that feeling and consciously neutralize it by acknowledging to yourself for them, “Nice job, way to go, thank you for doing that in my presence.”

Affirmation: I am happy when I see other people’s good fortune!