Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision, a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.  Gordon Graham

Raymond Charles Barker wrote a great book called The Power of Decision in which he states that we are all as happy as we decide to be. So how do we decide to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled in our lives? How do we decide to contribute and make a lasting impact on our family and the world?

We decide—by deciding! When something happens that could fluster, upset, or destabilize us, we decide to be happy instead. No complaining, whining, moping, or groaning. Of course, this doesn’t mean when a serious conversation needs to be had, that we don’t have it. Or when something important needs to be looked at we ignore it. But it does mean that we don’t let negative things dictate our overarching attitude.

Mother Teresa was asked how she remained peaceful and joyful in the midst of abject poverty and disease and the constant demands on her time. She shared her secret: every time she got into the elevator or walked up and down the stairs, she would smile. This decision—to smile, to be happy—lifted her whole being and reminded her that she always walked with support and love, no matter what she was facing.

Spiritual Contemplation: Decide to be happy, right now in the midst of whatever is going on. Don’t whine, complain, judge, or feel like a victim. What does it feel like to simply decide to be happy?

Affirmation: Today I decide to be happy. Spirit, as my source, is more than enough to meet every need.